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3 weeks ago my job gets a letter in the mail asking for personal information regarding my salary, time on the job, bank info, etc... from rubin and rothman

come to find out they were trying to collect a debit for capital one bank for 2009

now i asked them repeatedly what exactly is this debit for (credit card, checking account, car loan etc....)

all they told me was "its some sort of account" now they escalated it to a marshall who themselves dont know what the debit for all they can tell me was its from 2009.

Here is where it gets crazy i called and even visited local capital one branches and the told me there system doesnt go that far back past 2011 if the account was closed.....SO AGAIN NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHAT THIS DEBIT IS FOR!!!!!...and on top of that RUBIN AND ROThMAN employ some of the nastiest and disrespectful individuals I have ever encountered.....DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY ADVICE????

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