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Rotten *** froze our bank account and garnished my husband's already low wages for a *** car loan.We could not pay bills or buy groceries because we got our entire paychecks stolen by them via direct deposit.

To make a long story short, he got sick and could no longer work and now gets disability. They can no longer garnish his money and we now have more to spend on us instead of this worthless company for a car we no longer own.

They will never get their money if I can help it.*** Rubin and Rothman.


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I was served a summons from Rubin and rothman for capital one.Agreed to a payment and I made those payments for almost 2 years.

Then all if a sudden I get a civil suit from sheriff's office stating if I did not pay 10% of my gross wages that they are going to garnish my wages. Now I get a letter that they denied my payment because it was not in timely manner!!! I owe less than a $1000 now and was making payments in between being laid off and trying to find another job. I just don't understand!!

I could see if I was not making payments but I was!!! What else can I do.

Now reading all these other comments I am afraid they are going to lock my bank account, then I will lose my home.:(

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