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Rubin & Rothman had contacted me a few months ago reguarding a debt I had with Household Credit Card Services. We had come to an agreement of the first payment being of $300 and every month after that $200 until the debt was paid off.

Mind you they were supposed to automatically deduct payments from my account every month in the amount of $200, to this day they have not deducted a single dime from me. All of a sudden they I found a message on my answering machine to give them a call asap! where do they get off making an arrangement and not following thru and now they want to come and harrass me.

What can i do at this point?

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I know how these law firms work. I will help anyone out in debt collections (for a small fee of course but not even in the ballpark an attorney will charge you) with this firm. They are legal thieves.


Try working for the slimey ***. The only thing fatman Rothman and his band of merry *** Mary Lacoste/Cathy Russo/Marie O'Reilly are concerned about is being sued for their unethical practices.


They have done same thing with me, NEVER answered my phone calls. My lawyer sent them a deal which they refused to accept.

He asked for alternative deal.--NO RESPONSE from Rubin and Rothman, instead of that they went to court, forze my bank account then made a deal and forced me to borrow $3000 to pay the down payment.

Worst company I ever have. Where should we go and Who should we complain??


I never heard of these people before yesterday when I tried to take money out of my account. They said Rubin & Rothman froze my accounts.

How can they do this with out notifying me? I'm in debt consolidation for almost two years now.

Isn't this illegal. Freaken bastards!!!!!


Everyone ... except his holiness, George ...

I am sorry that all of you have to endure such hardships. Sometimes, it makes me question why life is so grest anyway. My brother has cancer and cannot afford to go to the doctor like he should. I guess those who were born without suffer the most.

I am trying to go to college in a legal field because I beilieve decent people need help ... although education does not even seem to help me now. I truly hope all of you can get above this and actually enjoy your lives. You should not have to live in fear or stress.

Life is but once, so why do we allow others to take the happy moments away? I would read as much as I could about my rights and get as much counseling as possible in regards to Rubin & Rothman. Make sure you docment everything ... even if it seems worthless, document it anyway.

Good luck, everyone. Thank you to those who are actually trying to help others.

Keep doing just that ... the world needs more like you.


They are rude and uneducated people and by the way the people employed by them are also in debt amd owe money.


I had an accident at work that almost killed me. I almost lost both of my legs and have massive burns on my upper body.

I was in ICU for a month. I called Rubin and Rothman to tell my situation and they had the nerve to tell me that that wasn't their problem and I need to continue to make payments. I am on 100% dissability from workmans comp and they think that they can freeze my account. I thought that they couldn't touch workmans comp or dissability checks as I am also a disabled veteran.

These people need to be put in their place. They need to understand the economy and what people are going through. I wish everyone that works for Rubin and Rothman financial hardships. I hope that they lose their jobs and end up not being able to pay their bills and they get harrassing calls ans accounts frozen and their kids go hungary because they have to make a choice...

either pay bills or buy food. I really wish the worst for all of the emloyees their.

Not everyone in the US just decides not to pay their bills, sometimes their is extenuating circumstances to why people don't pay...LIKE A DIVORCE!!!!!!! Screw them all those bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winfield, West Virginia, United States #11459

George Smith needs to get a life. I wish impending doom upon his personal financial situation.

He should (does?) work for Rubin & Rothman. In otherwords...he's and as*hole.

Snyder, Texas, United States #10019

George Smioth should really keep his editorializing to himself. These people need advice, not someone admonishing them that "they should have paid their debts and this would never have happened." It must be nice to have never had to miss a payment becasue you don't make enough or lost your job or were injured...Way to go, Georgie! It's sanctimonious *** comments like yours that add to people's stress.

Clarksville, Tennessee, United States #8955

Chanchis, its your responsabilty to pay your own debts..if rubin and rothman is not taking the out of your account you shhould have called them and advise them there is a problem with the payment plan...

to the second guy..the bank only holds double of the amount of the judgment not rubin and rothman they nothing to do with that.also the attorneys will not go to court for any reason but if you as the debtor puts an "answer" in they will show up then..the courts make the dates not the attorneys

BabeInCaptivity you make too little to be dont worry about..but just remember the judgment is good for 20 years..

if you guys paid your bills when should have this would never happen

Oak Park, Michigan, United States #6116

I had a debt for $6,250 with Citibank. Rubin & Rothman froze my account for $20,000????

Huh ??? The funny thing is I filed for bankruptcy and my lawyer says that it should take a week for anyone with a freeze on my account to release it law !! Of course Rubin & Rothman are still holding the account frozen ! Not only that but they have the account frozen for 3 times the amount I owed in the first place !!

My advice to anyone out there, in order to fight fire with fire you NEED to hire an attorney. Rubin & Rothman can miss a court date and have the legal muscle to have it scheduled at their choosing. If a defendant, like us, miss a date ...we are given a judgement against us.

This is all because we don't know the law. Please people, scrape up some extra cash where you can get it and hire an attorney.

Panther Burn, Mississippi, United States #4196

they just dont stop Harassment Icannot afford them to garnish my pay I am making undr 6000 a year.

they send a subpoena to my landloard for information and I had to move.

now they go to my job with a subpena they seized my bank account and the bank close my account they just dont stop Help.

North Reading, Massachusetts, United States #3165

I too have had the "pleasure" of dealing with Rubin Rothman-the vultures. I am just not sure if they have a judgement against me or if any of the documents they have presented me with are even "legit"... how do I know if these are real court documents etc.?

Summerdale, Alabama, United States #1811

Made almost the same deal and they screwed me the first week after they got their $300. Froze all my accounts - bounced all my checks out for bills - cost me hundreds of dollars and they got nothing more.

Do not agree toa payment plan with these people they will lie and do what ever is needed to intimidate you.

Call or write your senator and do not agree to anything get free legal help and let them deal with it. You'll save a lot of money and aggravation.

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