I bought a gateway computer 1997. The mother board crashed which meant it didn't work.

Gateway claimed the warranty expired and it was only 6 mos old. We threw out the computer it was useless. I owed 600 dollars we told them we wouldn't pay. Needless to say 8 years later Rubin and Rothman must have bought the account now I owe 1700.00+ they froze my checking then they put a garnishing on my wages.

My mortgage is suffering and I have 2 kids to feed. These people are ruthless and don't care about anybody.

Somebody should stop them.

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Yes why not make complaint to attny general Cuomo, this outfit is suing you on a debt (if you made no payments) for a debt that is past the staute of limitations.


Rubin & Rothman pulled a fast on eon me!

First they froze my checking acct (I also got a back fee of $200) leaving my rent check to bonce & no money to by food (2 kids).

Then 6 months later, a new summons. This time I went to court myself. Judge removed all the fees & interest they built for themselves. Gave me a fixed monthly amount to pay.

THEN, before payments were to start...the somehow got a new jugdement (the amount judge took away) and FROZEN my acct again (on pay day)...again, no money for food for 2 weeks.

Now, I have to fight in court to get money back....they NEVER answer my calls but keep going after me.

I may file bankrucpy to keep them away

to my nightmare Montvale, New Jersey, United States #1329941

You need to write a letter for them to stop harassing you and get it court ordered or sue them.

Madison, Kansas, United States #21129

The short version to what I have to say is the Statute of Limitations has expired. Do not pay one red cent. Notify them of this and it should go away

to FastWire@HotMail.Com #843593
Does anyone know how to find out if an old account (1998) is still active with those SOB'S? I had similar problems with these criminals but don't want to red flag anything!

I haven't had a check ing acct in years because of them! Thanks

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