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I am a former collector for Rubin & Rothman. There was an old German man working there who never completely explained his history.

He was very good on the phone, getting money from people, demeaning them, barking orders at them. e sounded almost like a Nazi! Now if I was looking at the Simon Weisenthal website and I swear there is a guy there names Herman Klinkstetter who looks just like this guy, albeit much younger. He was a guard in Buchenwald, the notorious concentration camp!

I am glad I left R&R because they employ ***, I swear! I am so scared of these guys!

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Leningradskaya, Krasnodar, Russian Federation #14481

I tried unsuccessfully to get a letter showing the balance that I owe and also to have proof for my records once I pay this account. I never received the letter supposedly sent 5/16/2008.

I called again and finally got to talk to the person handling my account after leaving him 8 messages, yes 8 messages over the last two months. He told me he handled 4,000 accounts and thats why I never heard from him. I asked that he resend the letter and that I intended to pay in full. He wanted a post-dated check I told him that does not work for me.

Especially when their reputation is so bad. He proceeded to berate me about this two year old bill that I just found out about and that I owe Rubin & Rothman. I only found out when I checked my credit. I called my original creditor to pay them directly and they wouldn't take the money.

Not sure what to do but I am filing a complaint. I called them to payoff the debt and they are giving me a hard time. Does this make sense to anyone? And also while I am on my soapbox.

This credit card account was closed by me at about $400 and ballooned to over $2400 because collection agencies can still charge interest.

Another racket. Maybe I should read the small print when getting new credit cards.

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