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I have been issued a Court Order Levy on my bank account. The New York State Law allows the company to file a motion to Levy your account for DOUBLE the amount they claim you owe them in debt. I was not given any notification that this would happen and of course when one of my paychecks, from the two jobs I work, was direct deposited that day in my bank account I could not gain access to it. Of course my rent was due the next day and I had no money - not one cent in cash b/c I never generally carry cash around b/c I have a bank account. There is a law in NY State, the exemption law, that allows you to go to the bank and take a one time withdrawal of $1,740. so that you can have money to live until you get the situation figured out with the "so called" attorneys at law debt collectors. They are really just thugs on behalf of Capital One. When I found out my bank accounts were frozen I contacted the representative for this law firm and told him that I understood this was my responsibility and I wanted to pay back my debt but I needed money to live, keep a roof over my head, feed my family and have a car to drive to work every day. His response was not one of sympathy at all instead he basically laughed at me and said "you should have taken care of this before your account was in restraints!" It is like a game to these people of course he was mocking me since I am sure he gains some enjoyment from all of the effort he had put in to trying to contact me for settlement and now that I am calling him - and he won't call me back. I guess he finds that amusing. I am sure he feels he has gotten the last laugh. Unfortunately this is not a game. My family relies on me to provide for them and if I cannot do that this company puts not only me in jeopardy but others. You would think someone in that job would have some sort of sympathy for other people that are struggling and trying to keep it all together. It is the most disgusting act a human can do is revel in someone elses misery. Not only is this law firm representing Capital One, one of the most despicable banks I have ever encountered, but Capital One, who I have been a customer with them for years and always paid my bills, have made tons of money off of me. With this action they have proven they are the most disgusting greedy bank. I will do whatever I can to make sure that I tell as many people that I interact with my story. My relatives live near where a very famous actor with initials A.B. frequents and we do run into him from time to time. I will be sure to let him know being a spokesperson for a disgusting, greedy, soulless bank like Capital One is not what he should be doing for his livelihood. Come on let's get real these banks are *** and I am sure their Executives are living in multiple mansions, buying things they do not need and spending money unnecessarily on the backs of the hard working American people whose blood, sweat and TEARS are making them Billionaires! As soon as I get this resolved I plan to cancel my bank account with JP Morgan Chase, another greedy bank that recently allowed fraud on my account but would not tell me from whom and allowed a levy without notifying me. They took one day to issue the levy and they tell me once this gets resolved it will take three days to lift the levy - what a crock of you know what!

I am going to pay my bills with Money orders from now on.

I think if all Americans start getting smart and stop giving our money to banks then who will have the last laugh then! No more credit cards for me either - I am going prepaid from now on if it is absolutely necessary that I need a card - these credit cards are taking over our lives people !

I suggest you all do the same. Stop giving these banks our money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Chase and capital one are the same company


Do not use chase bank bad for your money


They are disgusting They don't have proofs that I was the one I apply for a loan that I'm getting charge for my bank account is been put on hold now because of those people

:( :( :( :( But R&R will be :cry :cry :cry LOL

To Marbles: File a formal complaint to the Federal Trade Commission. They are very nice there and listen to your issues.

I did and now they're investigating the SOB's. I also contacted the Attorney General in NY (my state) R&R did the same thing to me.

Actually if the AG finds in their ivestigation in your favor sometimes there's a reimbursement to the victim. R&R and capital one are criminals!!!!!

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