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I had financial problems I could not make my store card payments the bank went to Robin and Rothman lawyers in Islandia ,ny I made a deal with them for a settlement of three payments(they ribbed me off in this settlement though) I had to do the settlemnt or they send me to court after I made 2 payments and for no reason except of these people are theives they went to court again and sued me for the whole original amount before the settlment,they should be stopped from stealing, blackmailing, and byllying. authorities should interfere no-one should shut his mouth up about these people defying the law.

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I really wish a court could take the time and investigate this lieing evil group of ***holes, all we can do is someday hope the law actually is fair to us, they lie, and steal from people and when i am done with them , they will realize they try to screw the wrong person!we have to band together and fight for what is fair and just

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